Marsala Magic: Incorporating the Color of the Year into Your Decor

When many people hear the word “Marsala,” they think of the Italian wine. Only after Pantone named it the color of the year did homeowners and interior decorators realize the beautiful red-brown color of Marsala wine actually looks great on walls and furnishings.

Described as a “subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth,” Marsala can bring new life to old rooms. It’s neutral enough to go with any décor, yet vibrant enough to add a unique look to a home. Here are some great ways you can use Marsala in your own decorating.

Accent Items

The easiest way to add Marsala to your décor is to sprinkle it throughout your home through accent items. This post highlights pillows, lamps, and even a coffeemaker in the color. The best thing about these items is that you’ll be able to easily replace them if you want to switch to next year’s color of the year. If you’re feeling creative, you can take inspiration from these wedding ideas and create a Marsala-inclusive centerpiece for your dining room table or a floating candle with Marsala lilies adding a splash of color.

Kitchen Walls

Red is a recommended color for kitchens, since it inspires hunger. Since red is the predominate color in Marsala, the kitchen is the perfect room for a bold splash of the color on your walls. You can cover entire walls in the paint or use the color as an accent in your backsplashes or borders. Keep in mind that once you make this big change, you may need to adjust the colors of your appliances, cabinets, or furniture.


If you’re thinking about replacing a few pieces of furniture in your home, consider Marsala pieces. They’ll add a little splash of color to your rooms and make them look stylish and contemporary. You don’t have to go all Marsala, either. Patterned furniture that includes the color can make the same bold statement as solid furniture. Look at your existing décor and determine ways you can work the color into the decorating scheme you already have.


While you may want to make a change as drastic as staining your hardwood floors a Marsala color, there are Marsala carpeting options that can achieve the look in a classy way. If you’re reluctant to make big changes to your flooring, a Marsala-colored area rug is the perfect alternative. You can throw it down on your hardwood floors and add a few accent items to make the color pop. Best of all, if you change your mind about the color a few years down the road, you can easily exchange the rug for a different one.

With its rich, eye-catching tones, it’s no wonder Marsala is a popular color in homes. That means there are plenty of options on the market for any homeowner interested in adding the color to their home’s color scheme. With the right choice of options, you can brighten up your rooms and create a more contemporary look.

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