4 Things You Need to Know About Condo Insurance

The differences between condo ownership as opposed to single detached home ownership are obvious. For one, there are HOA fees that condo owners need to pay that aren’t applicable to most single detached properties. Part-ownership of common elements is another

Should You Pay Your Mortgage Off or Keep Refinancing?

Taking out a mortgage typically means making regular payments until the loan is paid off. But while this may have been the traditional way of looking at mortgages, many homeowners these days are choosing to keep their mortgages by refinancing

How to Sell Your Place While Your Tenants Are Still Living There

Whatever your reason for wanting to list your rental property for sale, having a tenant still living there while selling the place can definitely make the process a little more complex. But it’s not impossible, nor does it have to

How Common Are All-Cash Sales in San Francisco?

All-cash sales have surged across the country, and Bay Area cities are realizing some of the biggest spikes.

As of November 2015, 38.1 percent of real estate transactions of condos and single-family homes in the US were sealed with all-cash

1.5 Million Boomerang Buyers to Re-Enter the Market Within the Next 3 Years


The financial crisis of 2008 wreaked havoc on homeowners across the US. Millions of Americans bailed on the housing market after the downturn when they simply couldn’t keep up with their mortgages.

But since then, the housing market has steadily

What Exactly Happens When a House is in ‘Escrow’?

shutterstock_110127494You’ve found the perfect home, put in an offer, and the seller accepted. Congrats! But the deal isn’t quite done yet.

There’s this little thing called ‘escrow’, and it involves a bunch of contingencies that need to be met before

Infographic: Baby Boomers & The Real Estate Market

Baby Boomers

Rules of Etiquette You Should Know Before Buying a Home

rulesofetiquetteIf a good deal is what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a house, the last people you want to put off are the sellers.

The truth is, there’s a certain etiquette that buyers should follow throughout the

What to Do When You Find Your Dream Home . . . But It’s Not For Sale

dreamhomeforsaleDepending on where you’re looking to buy, there could very well be a major supply shortage.

But don’t let slim pickings in your local housing market stand in the way of you snatching up your dream home. If the listings

How to Make Sure the Transition From ‘Renter’ to ‘Owner’ is a Smooth One

rentinlineWith rent prices increasing all over the country, now may a good time to make the leap from ‘renter’ status to ‘owner’.

After all, why not put that monthly check towards your own equity rather than someone else’s? And the