5 Tips for Making a TV Part of Your Décor

The average American household now has almost three TVs, a number that has been steadily increasing since the 70s. TVs have long expanded beyond the family room to include children’s bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Even with today’s wall-mounted TVs,

14 Home Design Accounts You Need to Follow On Instagram

Whether you occasionally enjoy the odd design blog or are literally obsessed with making your space look as chic and stylish as possible at every waking moment, following certain Instagram accounts can provide you with the inspiration and ideas you

Stylish & Affordable Furniture for First-Time Homeowners

Going from a renter to a homeowner is a big step, especially if it means going from a tiny, cramped space to a multi-bedroom house. In addition to having an endless expanse of empty wall space to fill, a new

5 Common Code Violations Made When Renovating. Number 4 Will Surprise You!

It happens all the time – homeowners who are looking to save a couple of bucks attempt to tackle their home renovation jobs on their own.

While that might be fine and dandy for smaller jobs, it could very well

8 Fall Design Trends to Inspire Your Interior Decorating Projects

Autumn is almost here. The leaves will be changing colors soon and attention is turning to the upcoming holidays. As homeowners pull out Halloween decorations, however, they often take the opportunity to look around their homes and make some more

LeBron James Sells His Coconut Grove Mansion For $13.4 Million

After a controversial move from Cleveland to the Miami Heat, basketball phenom LeBron James recently made his move back to his roots. And he’s left an opulent Miami estate home behind.

James sold his Coconut Grove mansion for $13.4 million.

The Look for Less: Hardwood Floor Alternatives

Hardwood floors remain the most popular in homes, apartments, and condominiums. They up the resale value of a property and add to the visual appeal of each of a home’s rooms. But real wood can be expensive, especially if a

Home Safety Features That Save You on Property Insurance

If you own a home, property insurance is an absolute must. While it may be an aggravating expense to add to the seemingly endless list of home expenses, you can take measures to cut the costs.

Home insurance providers like

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You’ve found the home of your dreams, and put in an offer that was accepted by the seller. Congratulations! But now comes another challenge – getting approved for a mortgage to finance your new place. The process doesn’t have to …

Up the Odds of Having Your Remodeling Job Approved by the Review Board

Thinking of doing a little remodeling or renovating on your home? Before you pick up that hammer, you’ll need to run your plans by your local architectural review board (ARB) first.

You might think of an ARB as nothing more …