Should Sellers Bother Staging a Vacant Home?

There’s a lot to do when it comes to getting a home ready for sale, and staging it is one of them. 

Obviously, a home that’s properly furnished with pieces that are appropriate for the size of all rooms and decorated with tasteful accessories and neutral colors will show a lot better than a home that looks disheveled. 

Buyers are more inclined to put in an offer on a home that they can envision themselves living in and suits their lifestyle, but sellers need to work to help buyers visualize the space as such.

But while it makes sense to stage a home that’s not furnished appropriately or that’s decked out in loud colors, is it necessary to stage a home that’s vacant?

Absolutely. Staging a vacant home is just as important – if not more important – than staging a home that’s already furnished. Here are some reasons why. 

Make Rooms Appear Larger

If your home is lacking in square footage, you’ll want to do what you can to make principal rooms appear larger than what they really are. But rooms that are vacant will actually seem smaller, which is the complete opposite effect of what you want to achieve. 

Further, without adding furniture, buyers may not think that their furniture will fit properly if there’s nothing in the home to show them that the space is large enough to accommodate. Even the slightest doubt about a home can scare buyers away. 

Instead, furnish your vacant home with pieces that will show buyers how a full set of furniture can fit nicely in the space. 

Help Buyers Visualize the Purpose of a Space

The majority of buyers are unable to visualize what a space can look like if it’s not furnished and decorated for them. Not only that, but an empty house seems cold and unwelcoming, which will do little to help buyers develop an emotional connection to it. 

As a seller, you’d be doing yourself a favor by outfitting your vacant home with furniture and accessories that will help show buyers exactly what the home can look like when it’s all decked out. Proper staging can also help make the home seem warmer and more inviting, which can go a long way at helping buyers develop an emotional attachment to the home and entice them to put in an offer. 

Make Online Images More Appealing

Most buyers start their search for a new home on the internet, and they’re usually enticed to book a showing based on the images they see online. A home that is effectively staged will show much better in photos compared to a vacant property. 

Many buyers might not even bother scheduling a visit if they’re not impressed with a listing’s images. The last thing you want to do is lose out on a potential buyer before they even visit your home. And to make sure you get as many eyes on your house, make sure not to leave it vacant.

Draw Attention Away From Flaws and Onto Positive Features

No home is entirely perfect, including brand new properties. There are always flaws to be found, but you don’t necessarily want them to be highlighted. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you leave your home empty.

Vacant spaces have a way of magnifying flaws, yet well-furnished rooms tend to do the opposite. Not only that, but staged and furnished rooms can also highlight the positive features in your home, which is exactly what you want to do to impress buyers. Proper home staging can help showcase the characteristics of the home that you want to show off while downplaying imperfections. 

Create a Lifestyle

Home staging isn’t necessarily all about decorating a home, but it’s also about creating a lifestyle that buyers are looking for. They want to find a home that caters to the lifestyle they want. Home stagers know exactly what the buyer demographic is in your area and will cater specifically to them with their furniture and decor choices. 

But vacant houses lack the ability to showcase a specific lifestyle. As already mentioned, buyers need a little help envisioning how a space can look and how they can use it. But if the home is vacant, there’s nothing to interest them or help them visualize how the home can give them the lifestyle they might not even know they want.  

Sell Faster

It’s been shown time and again that homes that are professionally staged sell faster than homes that are not. If selling quickly is on your agenda, then staging it might be something worth trying. 

The longer your home sits on the market waiting for a willing buyer, the more money you’ll be dishing out in carrying costs. Plus, your listing will be at an increased risk of becoming stale, which can eventually lead to the need for a price reduction.

Sell For More Money

Not only can a staged home sell faster, but it can sell for more money too. While it might cost a little bit of money to pay a professional to have your home staged, you can easily recoup all of that money spent – and then some – when you sell at a higher price point. 

The Bottom Line

You’d be doing yourself a disservice by leaving your home vacant when selling. You’ll lose out on the chance to help buyers develop an emotional connection to the home and help them envision what life can be like living there. Most importantly, a vacant home can take longer to sell and may even cause you to leave money on the table. 

By investing a little money and effort up front, you can turn your vacant home into one that will impress buyers and encourage them to put in a good offer sooner rather than later.