Upgrade Your Front Door Color for Instant Curb Appeal

Your front door is the first thing people see when they visit your home and should serve as a welcoming point for your guests. Repainting your front door is an easy and affordable upgrade that will instantly increase your homes curb appeal. You can choose any color you’d like for this upgrade but the one you choose should be inline with your overall design style. Here are some tips on how you can make yours standout or match the overall aesthetic of your home.


Don’t be afraid to use a bold color that makes a statement and really shows off your design style. This is where you can get creative, but remember this is something you’ll see everyday as you pull into your driveway. You can go with a bright color or set the mood with something dark and sleek. Some trending colors from this year are blacks, reds, light greens, and blue hues.


Maybe using a bold color isn’t your cup of tea and using a classic color is more inline with your design taste. The good news is that classic colors can look great too. Classic colors have more neutral hues and consist of grays, browns, or blacks. These can also be incorporated into a stain if you’d like to showoff some wood grains as well.


Think about your front door trim as the frame that surrounds your favorite piece of art. You can paint the trim the same color as your newly painted door or you can choose another color that might prevent it from blending in with the color of your home. It will look best if you keep the door trim consistent with the rest of the trim on your home if you decide not to paint it the same as the door.


The overall style of your home will guide your decision making process when choosing your new door color. But your personality and design style should not be overlooked as it’s important to make a bold cohesive statement. There aren’t any rules and it can always be repainted easily if you’re not happy with the result as time goes on.


Most paint stores offer small samples that are inexpensive and can be tested before you paint the entire door. You can test each color by painting small sections of the door which will allow you to see the results with proper lighting and textures. Or, you can make squares out of white poster board and tape these to the door. The poster board approach might be the best route to take if you’re unsure about the colors.